Creative Industries Strategy 2020 – 2024

Identified within the Economic Development Framework (EDF) as a developing sector in the Northern Territory (NT), the creative industries sector has the potential to grow and contribute to innovative economies and communities.

Co-developed by the Chamber of Commerce NT, NT Government and the creative industries sector, the Creative Industries Strategy 2020 - 2024 is the Territory’s first co-led strategy to help grow the sector and its economic benefits, including local jobs.

The strategy was developed through an extensive 12 month consultation process overseen by a Creative Industries Strategy Steering Committee, enabling organisations and key stakeholders from all regions to provide feedback to inform key action items within the strategy.

The five-year framework supports the vision of an innovative sector that celebrates the Territory’s cultural distinctiveness, while enhancing liveability, attracting visitors and growing the economy.

The Creative Industries Strategy 2020 - 2024 provides recommendations across 12 key industry subsectors, identified for their collective economic contribution to the Territory economy:

  1. Visual Arts and Crafts
  2. Screen, Radio and Broadcasting
  3. Advertising
  4. Museums
  5. Architecture
  6. Performing Arts
  7. Fashion
  8. Digital Design
  9. Literature and Print Media
  10. Festivals
  11. Libraries and Archives
  12. Music Composition and Publishing.

Read the Creative Industries Strategy NT 2020 – 2024 PDF (11.9 MB).

Last updated: 10 June 2020

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