7 steps to safety

7 Steps to Safety can help you give children the skills and confidence they need to feel and be safe at home.

You can use all, some, or just parts of the steps. The steps can be adapted to suit the needs of your family and culture.

A guide is available to support workers to help parents, families, carers, children and communities to use the 7 Steps to Safety.

Download the steps

Step 1. Make Your Place Safe PDF (3.3 MB)
Gives you tips to help make your house and yard safe for your family.

Step 2. Cool Tools for Family Rules PDF (3.0 MB)
Gives you ideas on how to make rules that will best suit your family and help your children make safe and responsible decisions. Make your own "Our Family Rules!" chart.

Step 3. Feel Safe with People PDF (3.9 MB)
Helps you teach your children what to do if they feel scared or uncomfortable with someone. Children can make their own "Helper Plan" so they'll know who to talk to if they're feeling frightened or worried.

Step 4. What's Special About Our Family PDF (3.8 MB)
Helps you work out your family's needs as you plan for your children's care and safety.

Step 5. Emergency PDF (5.3 MB)
Helps you teach your children what to do in an emergency: how to recognise an emergency, how and when to ring 000, and how to make an "Emergency Contacts" list that's just right for your family.

Step 6. Ready Yet PDF (4.4 MB)
Helps you work out whether your children are ready to spend time at home on their own.

Step 7. Make a Care Plan PDF (2.4 MB)
Helps you make a "Care Plan" so that you and your children can feel confident they will be well cared for if something happens and suddenly you can't be there to look after them.

7 Steps to Safety Brochure PDF (3.3 MB)
This brochure provides an overview of the kit.

7 Steps to Safety - Your Guide PDF (3.9 MB)
This Guide is for people working with parents, families, carers, children or communities.

Last updated: 08 March 2016

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