Domestic and family violence information sharing

In late 2018 amendments were made to the Domestic and Family Violence Act 2007 to allow for information about people experiencing or committing domestic and family violence (DFV) to be shared without consent in certain circumstances.

The DFV Information Sharing Scheme (the Scheme) aims to remove barriers between services so they can work together to:

  • improve safety for victims of DFV
  • facilitate timely action from services, and referrals and collaboration between services and
  • prevent victims having to tell their stories over and over.

It should be noted that the Scheme does not replace Mandatory Reporting obligations, Information Privacy Principles or reporting requirements under the Care and Protection of Children Act 2007.

Information Sharing Entities

An Information Sharing Entity (ISE) is an agency that is allowed to share and request information under the Act. The Act designates non-government schools and certain government agencies as ISEs and they must participate in the scheme. Other organisations, including from the non-government sector, may apply to become an ISE in order to participate in the scheme.

List of all Information Sharing Entities PDF (58.3 KB)

Applying to become an Information Sharing Entity

Organisations who provide a DFV related service (such as a non-government DFV service) can be prescribed as an ISE, provided that the Minister for Territory Families and Urban Housing is satisfied they will comply with the Guidelines. Applying to become an ISE is a voluntary process.

ISEs must agree to align their policies, procedures and tools with the Risk Assessment and Management Framework (RAMF).

Under the Act, new ISEs must be prescribed by regulation. It is expected that this will occur twice per calendar year.

Information Sharing Guidelines for Information Sharing Entities

Resources for Information Sharing Entities


An online training module has been developed to provide an introduction to the DFV Information Sharing Scheme and can be accessed by staff from both government and non-government agencies. The training is aimed at relevant staff of ISEs and takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

If you are from a non-government organisation and do not already have a login account to access the training, please refer to the following factsheet.

Risk Assessment and Management Framework

When assessing and managing the risk of domestic and family violence, it is important that services share a consistent understanding and language. This is why a Risk Assessment and Management Framework (RAMF), which includes a Common Risk Assessment Tool, has been developed for use across the Northern Territory.

You can find more information on the RAMF and supporting resources here.

More information

Contact the Office of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Reduction Policy in Territory Families on 08 8935 7803 or email:

Last updated: 17 June 2021

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