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In 1977, the Commonwealth Government began transferring executive powers to the Legislative Assembly in preparation for Northern Territory (NT) self-government. 

On 1 January 1977, the NT public service was created and administrative powers relating to a number of state functions such as police, fire brigades, local government, and correctional services were transferred from the Commonwealth to the NT. 

Other functions such as health and the Supreme Court were progressively transferred to the Northern Territory Government.

Once the Fraser Federal Government enacted the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978 (Commonwealth) the NT was established under the Crown with limited state-like powers with effect from 1 July 1978. 

The Act extended the powers of self-government in the NT by providing for the Legislative Assembly and the appointment of an Administrator, and establishing the Executive Council consisting of the Ministers of the NT Government.

The major state powers kept by the Commonwealth in the NT include Aboriginal land rights, the mining of uranium and other prescribed substances, industrial relations and control of Commonwealth national parks. 

For inter-governmental financial purposes the NT has been regarded by the Commonwealth as a state since 1 July 1988.

Go to indexes of Cabinet records for the index of 1977 Cabinet submissions and decisions.

Members of 1977 Cabinet

The members of 1977 NT Cabinet were the following:

  • Dr GA Getts MLA - Majority Leader
  • Mr GEJ Tambling MLA
  • Miss EJ Andrews MLA
  • Mr R Ryan MLA
  • Mr IL Tuxworth MLA
  • Mr MB Perron MLA
  • Mr DL Pollock MLA

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