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Solar Rebate Scheme

In July 1981, Cabinet considered a submission from the Minister for Mines and Energy to establish a solar rebate scheme as an energy conservation initiative. 

The scheme would provide a 10% rebate on the new cost of solar hot water services and air-conditioners for householders and businesses. This was an election promise made during the 1980 General Election campaign.

The submission noted that a 10% rebate level equated to approximately $100 per system. In addition, it was estimated that households with a solar hot water system would save around $107 per year in electricity costs, representing the value of the half tonne of fuel oil saved each year per installation.

An amount of $75,000 was set aside in the 1980 to 1981 Budget to finance the first year’s operation of the scheme.

Cabinet agreed to the Solar Rebate Scheme and directed that the scheme be trialled for 12 months.

Read the Cabinet decision - submission number 1519 and decision number 1790 of 2 July 1981 PDF (2.9 MB).

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