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Environmental Assessment Bill

Following self-government, environmental assessment of projects in the Northern Territory (NT) had stayed the responsibility of the Commonwealth Government under the Environment Protection (Impact of Proposals) Act.

In October 1979, the NT was exempted from the provisions of the Commonwealth Act on the understanding that the Territory would enact its own legislation for the conduct of environmental investigations.

In August 1981, Cabinet had approved the drafting of an Environment Assessment Bill to provide for preliminary environmental reports, environmental impact statements, public review and evaluation, and an enforcement process.

In May 1982, Cabinet considered the proposed NT legislation, noting it would replace the former application of Commonwealth procedures with a more flexible and locally responsive system, and would place the Territory on the same footing as the states in these matters. 

The Bill created a framework for environmental assessment, with the detailed implementation provisions to be contained in administrative procedures.

Cabinet approved the Environmental Assessment Bill and agreed to its introduction into the Legislative Assembly at the May/June 1982 sittings.

Read the Cabinet decision - submission number 1968 and decision number 2300 of 19 and 20 May 1982 PDF (3.3 MB).

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