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Pastoral industry study

The submission to Cabinet proposed a study to help government to formulate a strategy for developing the pastoral industry of the Territory, to increase productivity, and to raise the economic potential of a range of associated secondary and processing industries. 

It was noted there had not been a comprehensive study of the Territory’s pastoral industry since the 1937 Payne-Fletcher Report and the 1948 Rose Report.

Cabinet approved the commissioning of a major study of the pastoral industry and the establishment of a Steering Committee comprising representatives of NT Development Corporation, Department of Primary Production, NT Cattlemen’s Association, Buffalo Industry Council and a head consultant to direct and monitor the study.

The Terms of Reference for the study required the development of a draft industry plan for raising the level of pastoral productivity and a broad economic analysis of the pastoral industry looking at issues such as:

  • the structure of and changes in livestock population
  • the major cost components, returns and profitability for a range of properties
  • current and potential markets and marketing methods for livestock (cattle, buffalo and other species) and livestock products, and means of developing market outlets and increasing marketing efficiency
  • limiting factors and problems within the industry
  • the part which micro electronic technology might play in terms of data storage and retrieval in relation to individual properties and the industry as a whole
  • trends towards diversification of land use within traditional pastoral areas, and
  • abattoir/meat processing and byproduct processing.

Read the Cabinet decision - submission number 3774 and decision number 4414 of 17 December 1985 PDF (5.0 MB).

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