Records 1987

Kakadu Air Access

Consistent with Government’s policy to provide transport infrastructure to support regional development, Cabinet approved planning for a jet standard aerodrome site north-west of Jabiru.

In 1986, Kakadu was experiencing visitation of 100,000 tourists year-round. This growth in tourism over both the wet and dry seasons, coupled with development of the Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru by the Gagudju Association, constituted the need for an all-weather airstrip.

Consideration was given to either upgrading the existing Jabiru airstrip to an all-weather daylight F27/F50 standard to meet requirements for eight to 10 years, or to construct a jet standard airport. The Submission discusses ownership of the aerodrome and constraints to its development.

Read the Cabinet Decision - Submission No. 4487 and Decision No. 5225 PDF (3.3 MB) of 16 July 1987

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