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Kakadu National Park (Stage 2) - World Heritage Listing

The purpose of this Cabinet Submission was to approve the submission prepared by the Conservation Commission of the NT (CCNT) relating the World Heritage Committee’s consideration of Kakadu Stage 2 for inscription on the World Heritage List.

The Commonwealth of Australia nominated Kakadu Stage 2 for inclusion on the World Heritage List. However the Conservation Commission of the NT disagreed with this nomination, on the basis the procedures for nomination were not complied with, and as Kakadu Stage 2 may not meet the stringent criteria required by the World Heritage Convention Guidelines. The Convention requires that only nominated properties that meet the stringent criteria of the Convention should in fact be listed on the World Heritage List.

World Heritage listing of Kakadu Stage 2 was not necessary, as it already received full protection as a National Park under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act 1975.

Failure of the Commonwealth ANPWS to consult with the NT CCNT appeared to be a breach of procedures agreed between the Commonwealth of Australia and the State and Territory Governments, before a property in Australia is nominated for World Heritage Listing. These procedures were set out in an agreement reached in July 1984 at a meeting of the Australian Council of Nature Conservation Ministers.

CCNT prepared a submission and compiled technical reports. As evidenced by the papers that made up the Technical Report, no sufficient data was available to make a comparative assessment of the nominated property, such as to justify its inclusion on the World Heritage List.

Kakadu Stage 2 was subsequently inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1987.

Read the Cabinet Decision - Submission No. 4640 and Decision No. 5399 of 23 November 1987

  • Decision No. 5399 (part 1) PDF (8.6 MB)
  • Decision No. 5399 (part 2) PDF (13.0 MB)
  • Accompanying Report, Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory, Kakadu Stage 2: a preliminary assessment with particular reference to the operational guidelines for the implementation of the World Heritage Conservation is 217 pages and can be viewed in the Reading Room at the Northern Territory Archives Centre. Please contact reference staff to arrange this.

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