The town camps infrastructure project doesn’t just provide housing upgrades and improvements to community infrastructure such as roads, speed bumps, street lighting, water and sewerage networks.

The positive impacts to residents and families lives has been bigger than housing and infrastructure works. It has meant that residents feel like they are a part of society and are no longer living on the fringes of our urban and regional cities.

Some of the wider benefits of this program include:

  • improved health and education outcomes
  • local employment opportunities and increased workforce participation
  • increased wellbeing, safety and security
  • building the capacity of residents to be strong, confident and thriving community members

19 December 2018

Helen from Bagot, has just received the keys to her home after recent upgrades. Her home received a new roof, ceiling, electrical wiring, plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and the verandah was closed in to allow for more wet season use. The upgrades are part of the Town Camps Infrastructure Works.

Helen says she is 'over the moon' with the upgrades and her home now 'feels like a palace’.

18 June 2018

Works are under way in Palmerston Indigenous Village to upgrade homes from a septic system to mains sewerage as part of the NT Government’s $24 million Town Camps program to address urgent repairs to housing and infrastructure.

Gareth has been employed as part of the program, which is about improving people's homes and creating jobs.

17 May 2018

Desmond Minyingma is looking forward to moving into Minmarama Park Town Camp in the coming weeks. Not only is he moving into a home he helped upgrade, he is one of 7 locals who have gained employment with a local contractor as part of the $24m Town Camps Housing and Infrastructure Program funding to improve town camps following the Town Camps Review.

Desmond worked on the kitchen and laundry area of the home and will move in with his mother and cousin. Desmond says the upgrades will make a lot of people happier and it's good people will see some nice houses as they drive by.

22 February 2019

Jonathon is proud to be upgrading homes in his community of Amangal Indigenous Village, just outside of Adelaide River, as part of the Town Camps Infrastructure Works.

“I just want to show that I am proud of what I am doing here. It’s a good feeling.” Jonathon said.

Jonathon’s employer Colin is impressed with how much he has learnt since he started on the job and as a local business is seeing the positive impact the investment into town camps is making.

Through the Town Camps Futures Unit, the housing and infrastructure program is about investing generational change for Territorians living in town camps.

18 April 2019

Rick and Wade work for Dice Contracting who have been sub-contracted by Yilli Housing to undertake upgrade works on housing at Bagot Community.

The house they are working on was previously vacant but will soon be ready for a family to move into.

Rick said he is proud of the work he has been involved with so far.

This refurbishment work is part of the housing and infrastructure upgrade works announced with the release of the Independent Town Camps review.

24 April 2019

Edward is the Traditional Owner of Amangal Indigenous Village, just outside of Adelaide River. Edward said he and the community are proud of the homes that are being upgraded as part of the Town Camps Housing and Infrastructure Program.

‘I think everybody is happy here with what is going on,’ said Edward.

Edward recently received upgrades to his home and he appreciates the extra space he has.

The Town Camps Housing and Infrastructure Program is about investing generational change for Territorians living in town camps.

Kane at Amangal town camp  Selina at Palmerston Indigenous Village   

Kane from Amangal Indigenous Village, located just outside of Adelaide River, has received major upgrades to his home as part of the Town Camps Infrastructure Works.
Kane and his family now have a living room and secure bedrooms, improving overall comfort, safety and protection from the weather.

‘It just feels better now,’ Kane said.

Selina and Carl were the first to move into the Palmerston Indigenous Village in 2002.

They are so happy to have had their three bedroom home upgraded as part of the Town Camps Housing and Infrastructure Program. The work included a new kitchen, bathroom upgrades and repair work in the bedrooms, but there is one thing that's particularly important to Selina.

"My grandchildren live here with me, and now I feel more safe and comfortable having the new fence put up around my house," Selina said.

Last updated: 20 February 2019

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