Extension of Northern Territory Seniors Recognition Scheme 2019-20 travel vouchers


We understand that some members may not have booked travel due to uncertainties relating to COVID-19.

To provide greater opportunity for members to access their benefit, the Northern Territory Government has extended the expiry of the 2019-20 travel vouchers to 31 December 2020.

Now that travel restrictions are easing, you can choose whether to use the vouchers for your own travel or to bring family to you. Although the NT borders (and those of many other states) are closed, the vouchers can be used for travel in the NT.

Travel vouchers can be used at one of 12 approved travel vendors. To redeem 2019-20 travel vouchers between 1 July and 31 December 2020 with an approved vendor, you will need to present a letter of endorsement from the NT Concessions and Recognition Unit (this will be posted out to members in June) along with your travel voucher/s when making your purchase.

You can also choose to book your own travel or travel by private vehicle, but you will need to seek reimbursement and submit supporting documentation to the NT Concession and Recognition Unit.

From July 2020, all eligible members will receive an NTSRS Prepaid Card to access their 2020-21 payment. This will not impact the extended expiry date for unused 2019-20 travel vouchers.

If you have already used or submitted your 2019-20 travel voucher/s for reimbursement please disregard this message.

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