New initiatives to tackle domestic, family and sexual violence


The NT Government has launched two major policy initiatives to significantly reform the way domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) is identified, responded to and managed.

The two policies deliver on actions under the NT Government’s Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Reduction Framework 2081-2028: Safe, respected and free from violence.

One of the new policies is the NT Domestic and Family Violence Risk Assessment and Management Framework (RAMF), which provides information and resources for support services and workers to identify, assess and respond to domestic and family violence risk, and to increase the accountability of people who commit domestic and family violence.

To support our workforce, the Common Risk Assessment Tool has been established: an evidence-based tool used to assess the risk of domestic violence harm and death.

The second policy announcement is the NT Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Workforce and Sector Development Plan (WSDP)  which sets out the long-term goals and priority actions to strengthen and support the DFSV workforce and sector.

Under the WSDP, the NT Government is establishing a centralised structure for developing, delivering and coordinating locally relevant, sustainable and accessible DFSV training options that meet the professional development needs of workers across the Northern Territory.

DFSV reduction

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