Aboriginal-led services for kids in care


On Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 May 2021, Territory Families, Housing and Communities hosted its third Community of Practice, which brings together Aboriginal Carer Service (ACS) providers to collaborate on and improve our services for children and young people in care.

In two short years the program has grown from two ACS providers in 2019 to seven in 2021. ACS providers deliver family-finding services and recruit more Aboriginal carers to ensure Aboriginal children have the best chance at being placed with family and kin.

During the event ACS providers shared the meaningful impact this work is having on Aboriginal children and families, including improving connection to culture and supporting family reunifications.

During the event ACS providers also collaborated on the development of an Aboriginal Carer Assessment Tool, which is not only a first for any Australian jurisdiction, but will also lead the way for first nation’s people globally.

A big thank you to our ACS providers for attending and all the work they do to support Aboriginal children and families.

Aboriginal-led services for kids in care

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