Disability strategy and action plan, a first for the NT


This week, the NT Government launched the first ever Disability Strategy and Action Plan.

The 10-year strategy and three-year action plan promote inclusion, accessibility and equality for people with a disability in the Northern Territory. It is a whole of government commitment that aligns with Australia’s Disability Strategy and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with a Disability.

The strategy aims to empower people with disability through:

  • protecting and respecting their rights and choices
  • breaking down barriers to achieve social inclusion and participation
  • increasing accessibility to places, information and services
  • providing education, skills and opportunities to increase employment and provide financial security
  • supporting their health and wellbeing.

Go to Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities website to read more about the Northern Territory Disability Strategy 2022-2032 and Northern Territory Disability Strategy Action Plan 2022-2025 and to download a copy.

Disability strategy and action plan, a first for the NT

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