Tiwi Memories of World War II - Telling Stories the Women’s Way


Learn about Women’s Experiences of WWII at Library & Archives NT on Wednesday 30 March 2022.

On Wednesday 30 March, Library & Archives are presenting Tiwi Memories of World War II - Telling Stories the Women’s Way.

The event offers insight into the often forgotten experiences of women during the war.

Join respected Tiwi researcher Mavis Kerinaiua, granddaughter of the famous Tiwi warrior Louis Munkara, to learn about women’s perspectives of the war.

Facilitated by historian, author and Australian National University researcher Laura Rademaker, you will hear about the impacts the Japanese invasion had on Tiwi families, the women’s experiences of the early mission, the important war work they undertook during the military occupation and how the wartime experience transformed Tiwi life.

To attend in person, book tickets on the Eventbrite website or tune into the live stream on the LANT Facebook page.

Wreckage of WWII plane
Photo citation: Tiwi Women and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Sister at wreckage of DC3, 1942 Brother John Pye, LANT collection.

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