A new water treatment plant on the ground in Laramba


Final testing is underway to ensure Laramba water uranium levels are improved.

In Laramba, 205 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs (Mpartnwe), a water treatment plant has arrived that will improve uranium levels in the community’s water supply.

The improved water, which will have naturally-occurring uranium reduced by the treatment plant, will benefit the 300 residents in the community.   With a capacity of 360 kilolitres per day, the plant uses an ion-exchange resin process to reduce the amount of uranium in the water.

Last week, staff from Territory Families, Housing and Communities undertook a site visit with Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Power and Water Corporation and CleanTeQ Water to observe the progress of the treatment plant’s installation and testing.

This project is funded by the $28 million commitment to address critical water supply infrastructure needs in remote Aboriginal communities experiencing water stress and quality issues.


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