Publications and policies

  • Annual reports
    Annual reports of Territory Families, Housing and Communities.
  • Territory Families, Housing and Communities strategic plan 2021 to 2025
    Current strategic plan for Territory Families, Housing and Communities.
  • FOI and legal
    Freedom of information, privacy, copyright and request access to housing information.
  • Arts
    Arts NT, Indigenous cultural centres, Indigenous employment and collaboration, MAGNT, Library and Archives NT policies, and subscribe to newsletters.
  • Child protection frameworks
    Child protection policies, guidelines and forms.
  • Domestic violence
    Alice Springs Integrated Response to Family and Domestic Violence Project evaluation report.
  • Housing
    Housing policies, forms and fact sheets.
  • Social inclusion
    Multicultural policies, publications and fact sheets, Aboriginal cultural security framework, Engagement of the African community in the NT, Review of residential retirement facilities in the NT.
  • Youth justice
    Youth justice policy, plans, reforms and reports.
  • Newsletters
    Subscribe to Bite Size, Industry update, Pixel and The Beagle newsletters.

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