Fact sheets

Acceptable Behaviour Agreement PDF (577.2 KB)

Abandoned goods PDF (549.7 KB)

Alcohol restricted premises PDF (425.2 KB)

Alterations and additions PDF (435.2 KB)

Antisocial behaviour PDF (771.8 KB)

Antisocial behaviour in public housing - Options for neighbours PDF (562.0 KB)

Asbestos information for public housing tenants PDF (570.5 KB)

Being a good neighbour PDF (441.8 KB)

Body worn video cameras PDF (561.7 KB)

Bond AssistancePDF (467.0 KB)

Broken power meters in Remote Communities PDF (449.5 KB)

Broken power meters in Urban regions PDF (442.6 KB)

Damages to public housing caused by crime PDF (548.3 KB)

Damage to your public housing home PDF (569.8 KB)

Death of a tenant PDF (423.9 KB)

Debt Management PDF (427.3 KB)

Discretionary decision making - Decisions and you PDF (430.1 KB)

Do you feel controlled or scared PDF (482.4 KB)

Eligibility criteria for public housing PDF (468.9 KB)

Employment Incentive Scheme PDF (439.1 KB)

Fire safety and Smoke alarms PDF (444.3 KB)

Get ready for bush fire season PDF (437.4 KB)

Information for people affected by antisocial behaviour PDF (460.8 KB)

Information for Support Agencies and Health Professionals PDF (577.4 KB)

Interpreters and you PDF (430.3 KB)

Keeping animals PDF (431.7 KB)

Lodge an appeal with housing PDF (441.7 KB)

Looking after your house (storyboards) PDF (140.9 KB)

Paying rent for your house PDF (428.6 KB)

Preparing for an inspection PDF (543.8 KB)

Priority housing PDF (442.3 KB)

Proof of income PDF (443.5 KB)

Providing care and protecting children PDF (433.0 KB)

Proof of identification PDF (447.8 KB)

Public Housing Safety Officers PDF (561.6 KB)

Public Housing Safety Officers - body worn video cameras PDF (561.7 KB)

Purchasing public housing premises PDF (131.7 KB)

Red card policy PDF (578.0 KB)

Relocating a tenant in public housing fact sheet PDF (520.6 KB)

Renovation, replacement or demolition works of public housing fact sheet PDF (448.2 KB)

Rental Rebate PDF (430.8 KB)

Rent Calculation Changes PDF (435.7 KB)

Repairs and maintenance PDF (440.1 KB)

Steps Program fact sheet PDF (434.8 KB)

Support Services PDF (457.7 KB)

Tenancy references PDF (428.3 KB)

Useful contacts for tenants PDF (139.6 KB)

Vacant property maintenance PDF (469.7 KB)

Visitor management PDF (109.6 KB)

Water use in public housing PDF (568.9 KB)

Last updated: 14 September 2022

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