About the disability strategy action plan

The Northern Territory (NT) Disability Strategy Action Plan 2022-2025 has been developed alongside the NT Disability Strategy 2022-2032.

Laying the foundations

The 3-year action plan is the first of the 3 action plans that will be developed over the life of the strategy.

This action plan lays the foundation for the implementation of the 10-year strategy.

The actions chosen for this action plan have been selected as they align with key priorities that were raised in consultations with:

  • people with disability
  • government
  • community stakeholders
  • mainstream and specialist disability services
  • other stakeholders.

The NT Government’s actions under Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 targeted action plans have also been included1.

These actions need to be established early on to set the direction for sustainable change and to build momentum for the strategy.

Key focus areas

The key focus areas of this first action plan include:

  • change community attitudes by increasing the community’s visibility, understanding and acceptance of people with disability
  • improve access to services for people with disability in remote locations, including disability services, health services, education services, community services and other types of services
  • increase the availability of suitable housing options for people with disability and ensure that public spaces and buildings are designed with inclusion and accessibility in mind
  • foster cultural connections for Aboriginal and culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability, and build the cultural competency of disability service providers
  • increase employment of people with disability, including through enhanced transition pathways from school.

The actions in the action plan mainly reflect commitments by NT Government agencies.

Some actions from other organisations (including local governments, the community sector and industry) have also been included where commitments have been made.

These actions do not reflect all the work that is occurring across the Territory to progress these priorities and outcomes.

Organisations are encouraged to formalise their commitments so that they can be included in future reporting against the action plan, and in future action plans.

Where possible, resources and reporting developed under the action plan will be made available online and in languages other than English spoken by Territorians.

The action plan

You can read the action plan under each relevant strategy outcome.


For further information on the strategy and action plan, the Office of Disability can be contacted via email at officeofdisability.tfhc@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 29 September 2022

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