Foreword from the Disability Advisory Committee

On behalf of Territorians with disability, the Northern Territory Disability Advisory Committee (NTDAC) welcomes the release of the Northern Territory Disability Strategy 2022-2032 (the strategy) and the first action plan.

The NTDAC is a diverse group of people living across the Territory, including carers and people with lived experience of disability.

We represent:

  • people from Central Australia through to the Top End
  • people who are starting on their journey
  • those with experience to share.

We are united by our shared desire for greater inclusion and acceptance of disability and people with disability across the Territory.

The NTDAC is proud of this 10-year strategy.

We thank all those who have contributed to the strategy, and we are pleased to see the diversity of voices we heard from reflected in the strategy, including:

  • the voices of people with disability
  • their families and carers
  • service providers
  • government organisations and the general public.

The strategy focuses on the things that:

  • are important to us as individuals
  • will make a difference to how people with disability live our lives.

The NTDAC will monitor progress and provide advice to the Minster on key issues regarding the implementation of the strategy.

All Territorians have a part to play to making the Territory a more inclusive and welcoming place and we look forward to seeing the progress that is made over the next decade.

Chris Blackham-Davison
Chair, NTDAC

Last updated: 29 September 2022

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