Strategy overview

The Northern Territory Disability Strategy 2022-2032 aims to address the barriers to equality, accessibility and inclusion experienced by Territorians with disability.

People with disability have guided the development of the strategy; their voices, experiences and choices are reflected throughout.

The strategy is for all Territorians.

It is for:

  • the more than 1 in 9 Territorians with disability
  • their families and carers
  • the businesses that employ and support people with disability
  • the community groups that welcome people with disability
  • the public sector that provides services that everyone can access.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government believes that an inclusive and accessible society is fundamental to improving the lives of people with disability and to creating a welcoming and thriving Territory.

The strategy and accompanying action plan contain commitments by the NT Government and other stakeholders to make this happen.

Beyond this, all stakeholders are encouraged to commit to the vision and principles, and to identify the actions that they can take to make a difference.


An inclusive Territory where people with disability are valued, respected and can contribute to community, no matter where we live.


The strategy is based on the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), which Australia has agreed to.

The strategy is also guided by the following principles, co-developed with people with disability:

  • promote the dignity, autonomy, and freedom of people with disability
  • champion the key role of those who support people with disability:
    • families
    • kinship families
    • carers
    • guardians
    • significant persons
  • ensure people with disability aren’t disadvantaged because of personal circumstances, such as age or home location
  • recognise the important role of Aboriginal peoples in achieving the outcomes of the strategy
  • value the importance of culture to improving life outcomes
  • create environments that are culturally safe for Aboriginal people
  • make people with disability the key decision makers in decisions that affect them, including by promoting collaboration and co-design between people with disability and other stakeholders
  • recognise that disability is only one part of someone’s story.

Key focus areas for action

There are 5 key areas the NT Government will focus on to improve inclusion, accessibility and equality for people with disability in the NT:

  • rights and choices
  • inclusive communities
  • accessible communities
  • financial security and employment
  • health and wellbeing.

These key areas were developed from consultation across the Territory with:

  • people with disability
  • service providers
  • NT Government agencies
  • other stakeholders.

Last updated: 29 September 2022

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