Roadmap to the Northern Territory Disability Strategy 2021-2022

The roadmap shows key stages and important milestones for the development and implementation of the Northern Territory (NT) Disability Strategy.

Stage 1 - Strategy consultation

We will:

  • develop a high-level vision of the strategy
  • set up the NT Disability Strategy Steering Committee
  • support the Minister for Disabilities to formally launch the strategy consultation
  • draft and publish the strategy discussion paper on the Have Your Say website
  • launch the NT Disability Strategy webpage
  • consult with the disability sector and stakeholders
  • ask the disability sector to encourage people to have their say and give feedback.

Stage 2 - Strategy and first action plan development

We will:

  • publish the results from our consultation on the NT Disability Strategy webpage and share them with stakeholders. This will include feedback on the strategy’s draft vision, outcome areas and priorities
  • run workshops and targeted meetings with stakeholders to refine the first action plan
  • produce a draft 10-year strategy document for the NT Disability Strategy Steering Committee and NT Disability Advisory Committee to finalise.

Stage 3 - Strategy and first action plan release

We will:

  • release the final strategy and first action plan after a formal launch by the Minister for Disabilities. The first action plan will include ongoing governance, monitoring and reporting.

Stage 4 - Strategy tools and support development

We will:

  • develop information and tools to help community, business, non-government and government organisations create their own disability action plans
  • release the tools on the NT Disability Strategy webpage.

Stage 5 - Actioning the strategy

We will:

  • continue to promote and drive the strategy forward and develop the next action plans
  • monitor and report each year on the progress and outcomes of the strategy to the NT Disability Advisory Committee and the Minister for Disabilities.

Last updated: 29 October 2021

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