Men’s Places Policy and Program

The Northern Territory (NT) Government recognises the important role that men’s places can play.

The NT Men’s Places Policy and Program aims to improve the health and emotional wellbeing of men and form community connections and support networks.

Get the printable policy and program PDF (212.9 KB).

Find out more about the NT Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-25.

Program aims

  • Support the establishment and delivery of programs and activities through men’s places and programs in the NT.
  • Support the establishment of a Men’s Places Network where each of these entities are able to connect through regular updates and share ideas, successes, resources and learnings.
  • Guide the delivery of the Men’s Places Grants Program.


The policy and program will be underpinned by the following principles:

  • men’s activities and programs will be community led and community developed, to meet the needs of the community
  • social connections, peer support, education and skills development and positive health and wellbeing will be supported through men’s activities and programs
  • positive male role models and the positive contributions men can make to their community and for their families will be promoted through men’s activities and programs.

Five focus areas

Men’s places deliver activities and programs that provide a holistic approach to supporting men.

Read about the 5 focus areas of the Action Plan.

Community engagement

Men’s places can support culturally appropriate engagement of men through:

  • encouragement of participation and the involvement of men in men’s places in the NT
  • contributing to an evidence-base on how to improve the lives of Northern Territory men
  • creating opportunities for social connections for men in their communities
  • providing a place of non-judgement, for men’s business and for men to access services.

Health and wellbeing

Men’s places may support the health and wellbeing of men by:

  • providing access to health and wellbeing information and encouraging health seeking and positive self-care
  • creating opportunities for greater social connection and positive mental health outcomes
  • promoting active and healthy lifestyle role models and activities.


Men’s places may support the safety of communities by:

  • promoting respectful relationships and challenging gender behaviours that can cause harm
  • promoting positive male role models, positive fathering and grandfathering, and celebrating the positive impact that men can have on their families and communities
  • promoting violence prevention messaging and activities in programs.

Economic security

Men’s places may support improved economic security by:

  • providing men with the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, financial literacy and resilience
  • promoting more equal sharing of unpaid and caring responsibilities between genders.

Leadership and participation

Men’s places may support leadership and participation in local communities by:

  • encouraging civic engagement, volunteering and participation in community activities
  • valuing the diversity that each man brings and encourage leadership development and opportunity.

Men’s Places Network

The Office of Gender Equity and Diversity will work with men’s places to establish a Men’s Places Network.

The network will help connect men’s places across the NT to:

  • share resources
  • exchange knowledge
  • provide opportunities for partnering and collaboration.

They will hold quarterly online meetings and produce a e-newsletter.

Men’s Places Grants Program

To apply for the program, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Last updated: 18 November 2022

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