Youth outreach and re-engagement

Territory Families Youth Outreach and Re-Engagement Teams (YORET) provide voluntary and statutory outreach case management services for young people at risk of, or involved in offending behaviours that may lead them into the Youth Justice System.

The model is about one-on-one engagement and relationship development with young people and their families to help identify when a young person is vulnerable to becoming involved in the youth justice system and working with them and their families to provide support and interventions that meet individual needs.

Voluntary referrals for YORET case management can be made by any person concerned for a young person, who they think may be likely to offend. Referrals are assessed with moderate to high needs in accordance with a screening assessment.

Statutory referrals given by the courts and parole board must be given priority and following that, young people aged 10 to 17 years who are most at risk will be given the next level of priority.

Voluntary case management will only proceed if the young person and their family agree to work with the YORET.

The Youth Outreach and Re-Engagement Teams were established across the NT in May 2017 as part of $18.2 million funding for improved youth justice outcomes.

The work is aimed at encouraging young people to make positive life choices, through early engagement and re-connection to education/training, counselling and medical services.

If you are concerned about a young person at risk of offending and wish to make a referral download a referral form.

Territory Families, Housing and Communities is committed to engaging at-risk young people in safe and constructive activities.

As part of this, we are piloting an expansion of the Alice Springs YORET Hub’s hours of operation.

From 20 November 2020, the Alice Springs YORET Hub has been operating as a 24-hour youth drop-in centre on Friday and Saturday nights. The number of days the Hub will be open will increase to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from mid-December.

This is to engage young people in positive sport and recreation activities, with an emphasis on developing positive and pro-social behaviours.

The YORET Hub drop-in centre will ensure young people have access to a safe location, particularly in the evening. YOREOs will be coordinating sport and active recreation activities at the centre in the early evening, with more passive activities, such as movies and reading, scheduled for the later hours.

The YORET Hub, located at 2 Railway Terrace in Alice Springs, has Youth Outreach and Re-Engagement Officers (YOREOs), Community Youth Justice Officers and Crossover Family Support Officers all at the same site. It will be accessible to any young person, aged between 10-17 years of age.

Through this ongoing, collaborative approach, YOREOs aim to support young people and their families to have access to the appropriate services while working to reduce antisocial and criminal behaviours by young people and improving community safety.

They do this by building trust and rapport with vulnerable youth and assisting them to engage in education, social activities and programs tailored to address their individual needs.

Last updated: 30 November 2020

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