Youth Outreach and Re-engagement

The Youth Outreach and Re-engagement teams (YORET) provide support to young people aged 10 to 17 years old.

They offer:

These YORET and their services were established in 2017, as part of $18.2 million funding for improved youth justice outcomes.

Case management

The YORET delivers one-on-one engagement and relationship development with young people and their families to:

  • help identify when their vulnerable to becoming involved in the youth justice system
  • provide support and interventions that meet individual needs
  • encourage them to make positive life choices through early intervention and reconnection to:
    • education and training
    • counselling
    • medical services.

They may be referred by any concerned person if the young person and their family give consent or through a statutory court order by the courts.

Assessment process

Referrals are assessed based on the young person’s needs using a screening assessment.

If a referral is given by the courts and parole board, they are given top priority.

Young people who are most at risk will be given the next level of priority.

How to refer

To make a referral, follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill in the referral form.

Youth Outreach and Re-Engagement referral form DOC (111.0 KB)
Youth Outreach and Re-Engagement referral form PDF (157.8 KB)

Step 2. Submit your form by email to your nearest Youth Outreach and Re-engagement office:

Nightly supervision

In Alice Springs, there are youth engagement night officers (YENOs) who are specialist youth workers.

They help at-risk young people who are unsupervised in public places from 8pm to 3am, 7 days a week.

NT Police and youth services work closely with YENOs to:

  • address young people’s anti-social behaviour
  • put young people back on track through referrals to support services and programs.

Last updated: 02 September 2022

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