Ministerial Creative Industries Advisory Council

The Creative Industries Ministerial Advisory Council (CIMAC) provides expert industry advice and feedback to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage on matters related to the development and growth of the Northern Territory creative industries. The Council consists of up to seven members.

What the Council does

The Council is responsible for:

  • advising the Minister on matters of interest for the development and growth of the Northern Territory (NT) creative industries
  • representing the creative industries and working with industry bodies and stakeholders to develop effective networks across business, tourism and government
  • advising on the delivery of the Creative Industries Strategy NT 2020-2024 priority actions and performance targets
  • advising on the establishment of a new independent industry representative group
  • discussing ideas for the promotion, professional and sustainable commercial development of the creative industries

The terms of reference PDF (608.6 KB) defines the role, responsibilities, reporting requirements, procedures and remuneration of the Council and establishes its code of conduct.

Creative Industries Ministerial Advisory Council – Expressions of Interest

The Northern Territory (NT) Government is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Creative Industries Ministerial Advisory Council (CIMAC).

The CIMAC provides expert advice and feedback to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage on matters related to the economic development and growth of the Northern Territory’s creative industries. The Creative Industries are those areas of enterprise that connects culture and creativity with social and economic outcomes primarily through wealth and job creation and the generation of intellectual property.

The Council is made of up to seven members who provide advice and support in the development of strategies for building entrepreneurial partnerships with business, community, and companies located interstate, and for promoting the NT locally, nationally and internationally. A vacancy currently exists for a representative of the creative industries who would bring national experience, professional knowledge and networks from outside the NT, and skills and experience that will benefit the CIMAC in meeting its responsibilities.

If you are an active industry practitioner with the required experience, knowledge and networks in the Creative Industries and would like to participate on the Creative Industries Ministerial Advisory Council, please read through the Terms of Reference and then submit an Expression of Interest.

Expressions of Interest should be a one-page statement about how you would contribute to the Creative Industries Ministerial Advisory Council as per the responsibilities described in the terms of reference PDF (608.6 KB).

Please include your name, position, company, which art form or sector you work in and attach your CV.

Please email your Expression of Interest and CV to by 5pm ACST Friday, 23 September 2022.


The Council consists of seven members, who are practicing industry leaders including:

  • music, performing, visual and literature artists
  • an NT business sector representative
  • two national representatives.

The Minister appoints a chairperson from the Council membership.

Members are appointed for an initial term of two years.

Current members of the Council are:

  • Mr Ben Graetz – Founder, BRG Productions and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Party Passport (Darwin), representing the performing arts sector
  • Dr Judith Lovell – Senior Academic Manager, Batchelor Institute (Alice Springs), representing literature sector
  • Mr Mark Smith – Executive Director, Music NT (Darwin), representing the music sector
  • Mr Phillip Watkins – Chief Executive Officer, Desart (Alice Springs), representing visual arts and crafts and Aboriginal remote arts centres
  • Ms Elena Madden – Managing Director, True North Strategic Communication (Darwin), representing the NT business sector
  • Ms Helene George – Chief Executive Officer, Creative Economy (Darwin), representing creative industries nationally and in the NT.


For more information, contact Arts NT by calling 08 8999 8981 and email

Last updated: 02 September 2022

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