Government Employee Housing Program Reform and Implementation

In mid-2020, the previous Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development commissioned KPMG to undertake a review of Government Employee Housing (GEH), with a view to develop a future model that is fit-for-purpose, responsive, contemporary, sustainable and cost effective.

Recommendations arising from the review include establishing a centralised GEH team responsible for all property and tenancy management functions.

In early 2021, Territory Families, Housing and Communities (TFHC) established a dedicated GEH Program Reform and Implementation team that is responsible to:

  • lead the GEH Program Reform design and implementation
  • develop and implement the proposed centralised model for GEH
  • establish and maintain the cross agency GEH Interagency Steering Committee to improve oversight and transparency
  • develop and implement the overarching GEH policy framework
  • identify opportunities to streamline, improve utilisation and overall efficiency across the GEH portfolio
  • better respond to the needs of client agencies and eligible employees
  • develop the rent collection model that is transparent and recognises the true cost of delivery
  • develop a GEH portfolio strategy that considers asset construction and renewal, disposal and upgrades, and responds to housing requirements of locally recruited NTG employees
  • be responsible for all property and tenancy management functions of GEH, including allocations
  • create a reporting framework to monitor the performance of the GEH program against agreed indicators and a review and evaluation framework to ensure the program meets objectives
  • work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, such as Strategic Services, Operational Services, Finance and the client agencies.

For further information, please contact the GEH Program Reform and Implementation team at

Last updated: 31 May 2021

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