Building our communities, together

The Town Camps Futures Unit has produced a series of short videos titled Building our communities, together. The series captures stories from residents and local workers from town camps across the Top End highlighting the significant changes the Northern Territory Government’s investment in to repairs and maintenance works in town camps has had on their lives. It also shows the collaborate work between Aboriginal Housing Providers and the Northern Territory Government.

Works include renovating homes, roads and water infrastructure upgraded and community safety improved with new street lighting and fencing.

Find out more about town camps in the Northern Territory.

Alan from Kalano Community Association, Katherine NT

Valemina in Bagot Community NT

Thomas in Adelaide River NT

Mundy and Yvonne in Miali Brumby, Katherine NT

Marita in Bagot Community NT

Juanita in Miali Brumby, Katherine NT

Jayden in Bagot Community NT

Jeremy from Lewfatt Constructions in Bagot Community NT

John from Yilli Housing Bagot Community NT

Helen in Bagot Community NT

Aleisha in Kalano Community, Katherine NT

Last updated: 05 October 2020

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