Community Development

In 2019-20, the department worked with regional councils and local authorities to build leadership, strengthen governance and facilitate local decision making. This included initiating plans within each region to prepare councils for commencement of the new Local Government Act 2019.

Regional staff supported remote community engagement work of the department and other agencies through established relationships and working directly with communities to support community-led initiatives including:

Gunbalanya Men’s Shed, Arafura region – the department helped identify suitable land and buildings and helped create a controlling committee to establish the Gunbalanya Men’s Shed. With future funding, the Shed will be a place for men to find mutual support, learn about healthy living, receive health checks, and where young men can learn from community leaders.

Barunga Boundary Agreement, Big Rivers region – the department worked with the Big Rivers region council, stakeholders and community members to decide on the alignment of several boundaries and roads. Once agreed, council was able to commence road upgrade work, which helped reduce dust and enables better traffic management and safety.

Yuendumu Leadership Group, Central Australian region – at the request of Yuendumu community leaders, the department helped establish the Leadership Group and define its membership, role and structure. The group was formed to enable discussion about matters of community importance that could not be addressed at NGO or regional council meetings.

COVID-19 messaging ‘Why Warriors’, East Arnhem region – the department supported key stakeholders to develop a short podcast in Yolngu Matha due to the importance of COVID-19 messaging in language and the need to understand safety and hygiene requirements.

Last updated: 12 November 2020

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