Community engagement and local decision making

3D housing models are used to assist with decision making.

Local decision making and community engagement are key principles of the Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. remote housing investment package. This gives communities meaningful input into how the program is delivered.

Communities have input into decisions about:

  • what work will happen (housing solutions for the community, scope and design)
  • when work takes place
  • where works happens
  • how it happens (speed of the program, transitional housing, employment and training opportunities).

To assist with decision making, visual aids such as 3D house models are used that can be configured in various ways with rooms, walls and verandahs to reflect available designs.

Colour coded maps with meeting outcomes are also left with community members to allow for further discussion.

During 2019-20, the department conducted 130 engagement visits across 58 communities.

Last updated: 12 November 2020

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