Procurement Governance Committee

The Procurement Governance Committee (PGC) provides direction to improve capability and performance and assure compliance to relevant Northern Territory Government legislation, policies and directions throughout the procurement management lifecycle.

The committee helps to:

  • provide strategic leadership and direction through the development of sound procurement governance practices
  • oversee the development and implementation of procurement frameworks, policies and processes to ensure compliance with whole of government legislation and policy including the Buy Local Policy
  • endorse the department’s Agency Procurement Management Plan (APMP) and monitor the progress of significant procurement activities
  • review, provide direction and advice on and endorse procurement activities as referred to the PGC
  • monitor and review agency procurement key performance indicators and provide advice where required to maintain high standards in procurement activities
  • monitor and review the implementation of associated actions and recommendations from procurement audits, post implementation reviews and probity reports
  • review and provide advice or direction on other procurement matters referred to the PGC
  • monitor requests for information from the Buy Local Industry Advocate in relation to specific procurements.

In 2019-20, the Procurement Governance Committee met four times to discuss agency procurement matters.

Last updated: 12 November 2020

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