Special Purpose Grants

Special Purpose Grants provide funding to complement the intent of the Municipal and Essential Services (MES) program. In 2019-20, the department funded 144 Special Purpose Grants.

Of the 144 grants funded:

  • 84 were for water, waste and septics
  • 45 were for power projects
  • 4 were municipal
  • 10 were plant and equipment
  • 1 was for re-sheeting an airstrip.

The grants are used for infrastructure and plant and equipment that supports municipal services in Homelands.

Funding is prioritised for:

  • primary water systems and water management systems
  • primary power and sanitation systems
  • waste management
  • other municipal services and backup essential services systems
  • infrastructure or municipal projects beyond the scope of MES.

Last updated: 12 November 2020

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