Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework

The Territory Families Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework was created in 2018 in consultation with Aboriginal community controlled organisations, non-government and community services.

The Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework stands as Territory Families' commitment to design and deliver services that are culturally safe and responsive to the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal children, young people, families and the broader community.

Read the Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework PDF (10.9 MB).

Territory Families recognises that Aboriginal cultural security and Aboriginal self-determination is fundamental to improving positive outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities within the Northern Territory.

This framework stands as our commitment to work in partnership with Aboriginal people to meet their safety, wellbeing and aspirations.

The organisational commitment to achieving Aboriginal Cultural Security also extends to our agency partners and stakeholders, with the intention of including this requirement in all contracts and partnerships with us.

The Aboriginal Cultural Security Framework was launched in April 2019 and is currently being implemented across the agency.

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The Framework is supported by the following tools for our staff and partners.

Last updated: 03 May 2019

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