Religious fact sheets

The Northern Territory is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multicultural society. 

Religious freedom and mutual respect for different religions is an integral part of our shared culture.

A number of communities have worked with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to produce a range of religious fact sheets. 

The aim is to provide information and raise awareness and understanding of religious and cultural practices in the Northern Territory. 

Service providers that recognise, value and promote this cultural and religious diversity can more fully address the needs of their clients.

The information contained in these fact sheets has been approved by the relevant communities and the Northern Territory Government takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

If you would like more information, use the contact details on each fact sheet. 

If you believe another recognised religion should be included, contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs by phoning (08) 8999 3880 or emailing

Fact sheets

Last updated: 02 March 2016

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