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This page has information about women who have made a significant contribution to Northern Territory life, and where to go to learn more.

Territory Women

Territory Women is an online index of published biographies of NT women from the pioneering days of the 1870s to the present.

It contains references and links to sources of information in print and online, and photographic images from PictureNT, the Northern Territory Library’s photographic online archive.

To tell your story, go to the Territory Stories website.

Women’s Museum of Australia

Women’s Museum of Australia is dedicated to preserving the place of women in history for their special contribution to Australia’s heritage.

Go to the Women’s Museum of Australia.

Tribute to Northern Territory Women

The Tribute to Northern Territory Women ran from 2003 until 2012.

The program was designed to honour and acknowledge the significant contribution that women make to the social, economic and cultural life of the NT.

2012 Vicki Schultz Her contribution as an inspirational role model, mentor and for improvingthe lives of young Territorians.
Stephanie Thompson Nganjimirra Her commitment to cross-cultural reconciliation and her contribution toeconomic and social outcomes for Indigenous people in the Northern Territory.
Jane Tye Her contribution as a pioneering midwife and an advocate for ChineseAustralians.
2011 Bindi Burnell In recognition of her inspiration and leadership in educating young peopleand advocacy for children with Autism.
Margaret Clinch Researcher, historian and long time advocate and activist for local planningand the environment.
Dr Christine Connors For her dedication and commitment to improving health outcomes forTerritorians.
Lyn Conway For her long term contribution and dedication to supporting positiveeducational outcomes for remote Aboriginal children.
Audrey Gorring For over 50 years contribution to the Arts and Theatre in the NorthernTerritory and her long term dedication to volunteering.
Lesley King In recognition of 33 years service as a volunteer and inspirational leaderfor St John Ambulance Australia.
Clare Martin For her contribution as a pioneer in the political landscape of the NorthernTerritory and Australia.
Patricia McTaggart For her inspiration, leadership and dedication to the preservation andpromotion of Northern Territory Indigenous cultural security.
Ellen Ryan For her contribution as a Territory pioneer, founding entrepreneur,community activist and inspiration to Territory women of her generation.
Dr Ella Stack In recognition as the Northern Territory's first female Mayor and for herinstrumental role in the rebuilding of Darwin after Cyclone Tracy.
Betty Thompson For her long term commitment and contribution over 57 years to the AliceSprings region.
2010 Daniela Mattiuzzo For her commitment to improving the lives of young Territorians.
Beverley Ratahi For her contribution as a volunteer and her commitment to caring forTerritory wildlife.
Granny Lum Loy For her contribution as a Territory pioneer, matriarch, entrepreneur andinspirational role model.
Sharon Kimberley For her achievements as a business woman and her commitment to empoweringTerritory women and young people.
Dr Sadhana Mahajani For her long term dedication to improving the health and wellbeing ofTerritorians.
2009 Bilawara Lee For her involvement and contribution to the NT community and improving thelives of Territorians.
Rosanna Breed For being an inspirational role model and leader through her professionalismand work in a male dominated field.
Shirley Brown For her passion of history that led to her being heavily involved andcontributing to the NT community.
Yananymul Mununggurr For the significant challenges, difficulty of achievement, contribution asan inspirational role model and leader.
Catherine Rogers (Known as Kate Warrington Rogers) Territory pioneer woman.
2008 Lesley Reilly For her contribution to improving the lives of community members throughlong term advocacy for social justice.
Mrs Wallace For her contribution as an inspirational role model and for improving thelives of children in her community.
Glenda McCarthy For her involvement and contribution to youth in the Territorycommunity.
Susan Hutton For her contribution to improving the lives of Indigenous children and as aninspirational role model in the field of science.
Eliza Tuckwell For the challenges that she overcame as a pioneer and her involvement andcontribution to the Territory community.
2007 Molly Wardaguga For her contribution to Aboriginal WomenÕs Maternal Health and herleadership within her community.
Penelope Tastula For her contribution to Tourism in the Northern Territory.
Rosalie Kunoth-Monks For her lifetime of leadership and advocacy, working to increase resources,and improve living conditions for Aboriginal people.
Molly Clarke For her contribution to Territory Heritage and Tourism.
2006 Olive Pink For her contributions to anthropology, botany and Indigenous affairs.
Emma Tantengco For her contributions to music in Darwin.
Djapirri Mununggirritj For her leadership and commitment to Yolngu women.
Nellie Camfoo For her leadership in the community.
Jessie Litchfield For her leadership and contribution to improving womenÕs lives.
2005 Nancy Giese For her contribution to education and the arts.
Sylvia Wolf For her services to the tourism industry.
Helena Rioli For her services to her community.
Janie Mason For her contribution to nursing and the unionMovement.
Margery Harris For her contribution to sport and herCommunity.
2004 Lana Quall For her contribution to education and hercommitment to recording the individual storiesof the Stolen Generation.
Joyce Chin For her contribution to the Northern Territoryfashion and clothing industry.
Olive Veverbrants For her contribution to the environment andlandcare.
Philomena Hali For her contribution to NT arts and crafts andas a volunteer.
Norma Grant For her work with children and education andas a volunteer.
Poppy Secrett As a pioneer and for her involvement in therebuilding of Darwin.
Barabara Cummings For her contribution to the rights of theStolen Generation and as an author.
Helen Liddy For her work in health and community development.
Fele Mann For her services to her community.
2003 Barbara James For her contribution to the Northern Territory as a journalist, historian,author, activist and advocate.
Lily Ah Toy For her contribution as a pioneering NT woman.
Mayse Young For her contribution as a real outback identity contributing much to hercommunity.
Eileen Fitzer For her contribution as an entertainer, nurse, political activist andTerritory pioneer.
Natalie Harwood For her contribution as a community leader, counsellor and mentor for youngwomen.
Dawn Lawrie For her significant contribution to Territory politics, human rights andmigrant communities.
Phoebe Farrar As a pioneer of the Territory bush, her expertise as a jillaroo andcontributions to the NT cattle industry.
Jose Petrick For her contribution to the NT as a journalist and historian.
Phoebe Doreen Lee For her contribution as a Territory pioneer and horticulturalist.
Eileen Cummings For her leadership and significant contribution to education andcommunity issues.
Cynthia Molina For her contribution as a leader in her community.
Cristina Black For her contribution as a teacher and community volunteer.

Chief Minister’s Women’s Achievement Awards 1998 - 2001

The Chief Minister’s Women’s Achievement Awards were introduced in 1998.

The award recognised the unique contribution made by women to build on and strengthen the Northern Territory Community.

Silvia Brunori
Veronica Arbon
Coralie Christie
Katie Kirke
Debbie Kernich
Dianne Tynan
Leelamani Gunaratnam
Lorna Fejo
Joyce Deering
Joan Wilkinson
Rie Korsten
Wendy James
Desley Williams
Ingrid Phillips
Valerie Scott
Debbie Schroeder
Margaret Vigante
Yuki Nunggumajbarr
Molly Clarke
Leone Bowey
Jose Petrick
Dinanne Wade
Esme Tyson
Pauline Davenport
Rosemary Plummer
Bonnie Abasolom
Edna Bird
Pansy Rankine
Carmel Wagstaff
Carol Borovic
Kaye Cowley
Joanne Dhurrkey
Elaine Garno
Sharon Hartley
Barbara James
Bronwyn Johnson
Theodora Narndu
Sylvia Nolan
Adina Poole
Chris Ross
Terry Underwood
Lorna Watson
Kay Rose
Pat Gallagher
Anna Costello
Valerie Asche
Maisie Austin
Robyne Burridge
Shirley Collins
Penny MacDonald
Margaret McLean
Romela Sebastian­Pillai
Lynette Tam
Pam Waudby
Joy White
Elva Cook
Barbara Geraghty
Helen Murphy
Nanette Rogers
Julie Ross
Ruth Weber
Nellie Camfoo
Elizabeth Chain
Heather Nappangati-Rosas
Wendyanne Fleming
Banduk Marika
Fay Armstrong
Dana Dabrowska
Lenore Dembski
Michelle Hanton
Wendy Leach
Nora Lewis
Kathy Mills
Amanda Mouthaan
Rosemary Tipiloura
Mary Walshe
Myrtle Wright
Carol Armstrong
Sandie Hyde
Kerry Baldissera
Pauline Cockrill
Margery Harris
Carol Johnson
Mary Miles
Joanne Miller
June Noble
Ann Wilson
Fran Woods
Anne-Marie Priestly

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