Workforce development

In collaboration with the Department’s community sports officers, the Northern Territory Sports Academy (NTSA) and the Participation Unit will partner with peak sporting bodies, regional councils and other stakeholders to prioritise the design and implementation of good practice workforce development processes, practices and programs.

Workforce development programs are prioritised to support the volunteers who contribute skills, time and knowledge central for the development and delivery of sport involvement from "grassroots" to elite levels of participation.

Workforce Development Programs

Workforce development programs will include an annual assessment of sport and/or the community’s workforce profile, needs and gaps, that helps inform the design and delivery of promotional, educational and developmental activities. Activities will address national sporting organisation accreditation requirements and Volunteering Australia’s national standards.

The primary focus of the workforce development programs is to improve recruitment, retention and recognition of non-paid volunteer  coaches, officials and administrators such as committee and board members. The following programs will lead this.

For more information on NTSA workforce development programs, please contact the NTSA Workforce Development team via email

Last updated: 06 September 2022

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