Public housing safety

Public housing safety officers

Public housing safety officers work with tenants, neighbours and visitors to investigate, respond to and reduce antisocial behaviour in Alice Springs and Darwin public housing.

Red card policy

The red card policy scores the type and seriousness of antisocial behaviour in terms of demerit points. Tenants that are regular offenders will have demerit points issued to them and if they reach six demerit points may be evicted.

Visitor management policy

This policy gives tenants the support they need to manage their visitors and maintain their private space.

Acceptable behaviour agreements

This is a written agreement that the tenant has with the department not to engage in antisocial behaviour in or near the property.

Housing and Police working together

The department and the NT Police have an agreement to work closely together in regard to antisocial behaviour in and around public housing properties.

Read more about safety and antisocial behaviour in public housing on the Northern Territory Government website.

Last updated: 06 October 2016

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