Remote housing maintenance

To keep houses safe, it is important that they are maintained and repaired as quickly as possible, when required.

The Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development is responsible for repairs and maintenance of remote public housing.

The department has engaged contractors to deliver tenancy management, and repairs and maintenance services, in remote communities. For minor repairs and maintenance items that do not need a qualified tradesman such as a plumber or  electrician, there are housing maintenance officers.

Housing inspections are conducted each year by tenancy contractors, repairs and maintenance contractors and the department.

Community housing officers and housing maintenance officers

Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development contractors employ community housing officers or housing maintenance officers who are based in one community and provide services to surrounding communities.

Where possible, people from the local community are employed in these roles.

Community housing officers are employed by tenancy management contractors and can conduct inspections of remote public houses, assist with tenancy management services - such as rent payments and adding or removing people from a tenancy agreement - and help tenants deal with maintenance issues.

Housing maintenance officers are employed by repairs and maintenance contractors and are the first point of call for repairs and maintenance issues.

They provide a handy-man service to fix items that do not require a qualified tradesperson.

Where repairs and maintenance issues require a qualified tradesperson, the department has panel contractors who deliver this work.

Reporting repairs and maintenance

You can report repairs and maintenance issues to your local housing maintenance officer or the local community housing officer. Alternatively you can contact the Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development.

If something breaks or stops working you should report it straight away.

Some things will be fixed more quickly than others. Things that are dangerous will be repaired as a priority such as:

  • blocked toilets, blocked drains, or sewage leaks
  • leaking water mains and pipes
  • exposed electrical wires
  • gas leaks.

You should also report things like:

  • dripping taps or taps that are tight to turn
  • stove elements that are not working
  • fans that are not working properly
  • power points that are not working.

The sooner you report the item to your housing officer, the sooner it can be fixed.

You can read about repairs and maintenance, on the Northern Territory Government website.

Last updated: 17 March 2016

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