Tenancy Support Services (Living Strong program)

The Living Strong program is a new tenancy support program for Aboriginal housing in remote communities, and select town camps and community living areas. The program design provides early engagement and support for tenants to build life skills and maintain their household. It focuses on enabling people to develop practical living skills and better coordinated property maintenance with an understanding that looking after your house and yard is an important part of looking after your family’s health.

An initiative of the Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities, the Living Strong program will be delivered in partnership with the department’s family support initiatives and work closely with the Department of Health’s Environmental Health program. In association with tenancy support services contracts, the program will be delivered through local Community Housing Officers, and will continue to support the department’s engagement work with tenants.

Contractors will be funded to deliver the Living Strong program as part of their tenancy support service across the Territory and continue to be the department’s ‘feet on the ground’ in each community to support early engagement with tenants. Allowing department frontline staff to focus their work in the key areas of tenancy management and compliance, including ensuring all tenants have up to date agreements, are paying the correct rent and regular inspections are completed.

To support implementation of the new model, each region will hold ‘on-boarding’ workshops across October/November 2021 with new providers and regional office staff, including induction packages for contractors and information on changes to the department’s Tenancy Management System, which will improve information sharing and reporting across our services.

How will Living Strong support people?

Living Strong will enhance the previous tenancy support program delivered by funded service providers and will commence from 1 October 2021. The program has been developed through consultation with stakeholders, including current tenants, service providers and government agencies. The strong feedback was the need to establish a tenancy support program focusing on the core living skills for tenants.

The new approach will also provide better clarity for roles and responsibilities of department frontline staff and contractors.

Last updated: 06 May 2021

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