Living Strong Program

The Living Strong program is a tenancy support program for Aboriginal housing in:

  • remote communities
  • select town camps
  • community living areas.

It provides early engagement and support for tenants to:

  • build life skills and
  • maintain their household.

The program is delivered in partnership with:

  • contracted service providers
  • the department’s family support initiatives
  • Remote Housing Maintenance Services with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logisitics.

Remote tenancy support

Contractors will be funded to deliver the living strong program as part of their remote tenancy support services contracts. Read more about remote tenancy support services.

What it does

Looking after your house and yard is an important part of looking after your family’s health.

The program focusses on helping people develop:

  • their understanding of the rights and responsibilities of a tenant
  • practical living skills
  • better coordinated property maintenance.

For information about Living Strong program email

Remote public housing contacts

Big Rivers
08 8973 8513

08 8962 4537

08 8987 0479

08 8995 5122

Central Australia
08 8951 5674

Remote housing maintenance hotline
1800 104 076

Last updated: 04 May 2022

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