2022 NT Youth Round Table biography - Michael Gadingura Yunupingu

Michael was born in Adelaide, completing most of his schooling there and eventually studying university. After graduating with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science at the University of South Australia in 2019, Michael decided to move back to his homeland community Gunyangara, located in North-East Arnhem Land.

He manages and coordinates after-school and holiday programs for children and youth every day from Monday to Friday in Gunyangara; offering activities such as homework nights, community clean-ups, sports, arts & craft, cultural activities, holiday camps, movie nights, promoting overall health & wellbeing and offering a safe-space for children and youth in the community.

Passionate about Yolngu health & wellbeing as well as business development and education, Michael is a certified Personal Trainer and balances this venture alongside coordinating after-school community programs.

As a young father, Michael loves spending time with his one-year-old son and family, fishing, learning about his culture, playing AFL and overall learning and working on fitness.

Michael says:

"I think NT youth need to feel confident in their future. They need to see they can be great leaders, be successful or be good role models; and have a future no matter where they are from or who they are. Identifying talent as early as possible through community-led programs (like the one we have), is a way for community elders, leaders & role models, teachers, youth workers and other supporting people; to listen to the young people in our community, and guide them through a positive & healthy pathway that balances two worlds (Yolngu & Non-Yolngu). They don't need to go elsewhere to realize their own potential and succeed in their dreams and aspirations. Young voices and role models are still not heard enough; especially voices in small communities like mine. I want to keep learning more; and give back knowledge I have learnt in my life to the wider community. I am ready, the NT Youth Round Table is a good place to progress."

Last updated: 19 December 2021

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