Northern Territory Youth Week ambassadors

The ambassadors for Northern Territory Youth Week (NTYW) play a huge part in the success of the initiative.


  • are young people aged 15 to 25 years
  • get the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, get involved in community life and have their say on important topics that impact young Territorians
  • provide a youth perspective towards the coordination of the week, and also ‘the public face’ of the event in the NT.

A key role of the ambassador is to promote events to the media in the lead-up to and during NTYW.

Read about Northern Territory Youth Week.

Find out more about Office of Youth Affairs.

How to apply

Applications closed on Monday 7 November 2022.

To apply, check out the application on the NT Youth Week Round Table page.

To find out more, read NTYW ambassador flyer DOCX (4.2 MB) or call Office of Youth Affairs on 08 8999 3862.

NT Youth Week 2022 ambassadors

Izzy Craven


Read biography

Jules Gabor


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Chloe Ferguson


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Previous ambassadors

2021 - Emily Ford and Sunny Liu

2020 - Sean Xiao and Eytahnyia Scott

2019 - Rochelle Cabry

2018 - Chelsea Hamilton, Dunstan Weeta, Gabrielyn Yengbie, Ineke Wallis and Leah Sharp

2017 - Cassie Boyle, Jessie Spargo, Leicolhn McKellar, Mark Munnich, Natasha Evans and Nooria Muradi

2016 - Pritika Desai

2015 - Sharnie Roberts

2014 - Amy Hetherington

2012/13 - Kenneth Kadirgamar

2010/11 - Larnie Batten (nee McClintock)

2008/09 - Amy Robinson

2006/07 - Aaron Watson

2005 - Daniel Bourchier

2004 - Megan Coutts

2003 - Jonathon Collins

For more information

To find out more contact Office of Youth Affairs.

Last updated: 11 October 2022

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